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Arc Flash Training FloridaOur Arc Flash Training covers electrical concepts, Lock Out Tag Out Training (LOTO), situations and circumstances that present arc flash hazard, electrical industry safety standards, and safety measures to take when work responsibilities cause you or your employees to work on or near equipment at risk for arc flash.

Arc Flash Training Florida Work Scope and Specifications

  • Perform a walk through with a customer’s representative to identify how the electrical system is interconnected.
  • Review any existing one line electrical plans.
  • Contact power company to attempt to obtain necessary available fault current at the point of service for each location.
  • The equipment and interconnecting cables included in this survey will be the electrical equipment that is likely to be serviced while energized and interconnecting cables as follows:
    • The components listed in the attached table as a result of the walk thru.
  • Record all electrical equipment details including nameplate data, protective device settings, wire ratings and sizes, distances, etc. for the equipment included in 4) above.  Arc Flash Training Florida will provide an experienced technician to remove/replace covers and shields to expose the components needed for the survey, following the guidelines of NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Technicians shall wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment as required under NFPA 70E as required by OSHA.
  • Customized Component Grouping : As an option, the one line diagram can be customized such that all components within an area or room can be grouped together on the drawings. This requires more time in the field and in the office to document and to place and arrange the components on the drawings as required.

What questions will OSHA ask you when an arc flash accident has happened at your facility?

  • Is there a detailed job description of planned work?
  • Is there a detailed description of the equipment at the job location?
  • Are you able to justify why equipment cannot be de-energized or the job deferred until the next scheduled outage?
  • Were the workers qualified to performed the tasks they were asked to do?


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